The Importance of Printing Photographs

Why would I print my photos? They're on Facebook, Instagram, my Google photo drive, etc. The reality is, computers fail to the point of not being able to retrieve your precious memories of the images you took. It is SOOOOO important to have a printed version of your cherished moments that you've either captured yourself or paid someone to do it.

Let's face it, we're in an age where photo labs are rare. When was the last time you picked up photos that you sent out to be printed?

Long time huh?

As a photographer I take A LOT of photographs. Not just of people who hire me to do their family photos, but of my own children. And I'll be honest. I don't print off my own pictures as much as I should, really, I don't even edit them as often as I should. *Bad photographer. Bad*

The reality is that I WANT to be better at this. If you're like me, and feeling a little wistful that you have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos sitting on your digital devices, but NOT on your walls.

Have no fear! I'm going to share with you my top 3 reasons why you (and I) should be printing photos.

Reason 1: Our families make the most beautiful and valuable artwork.

Can I get an Amen? We want our home to be decorated with beautiful works, whether it be by some etsy artist created a beautiful canvas piece that you hang on your fireplace mantel or an interesting sculpture you found while on holiday. Your family's images can be pieces of art too. Because they were created by the most wonderful artist of all. Creator of all things.

Reason 2: Prints are a great memento.

Do you ever remember going through those photo albums your parents had when you were a kid? And then seeing one particular photo jogged your memory of that particular picture? Prints do that. Yes, digital images to that as well, but it's more fun hovering around a photo album that someone spent time to create and enjoying those special memories together. And hey, you can all laugh at mom's crazy fashion sense from the 90s together.

Reason 3: I want to show my kids how loved and valued they are.

What better way to display my love and adoration for my kids than to plaster their faces in frames around my home. Everytime I print a new photo of them and get it printed, the response from them is full of joy and excitement. They feel special and treasured, and they remember the day I took that specific picture of them.

If you don't have room to have them to be put in frames and hung on the wall, make those fun photo books! No more excuses now! Go and print dem photos!

These reasons are certainly more than enough to motivate me to print and display more of my photos! How about you?  

As parents, we come to understand in a very tangible way just how quickly time goes. I love the way photos can freeze moments in time for us to hang onto and revisit forever! Booking a family session is the perfect way to document your family and capture these fleeting moments that you can never get back. I would love to be a part of telling your family's story!


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